Data Sheets

***Please note that each site will have it’s own spreadsheet***

Downloading the Datasheets

1. Comparative Study

The master data spreadsheet with a tab for metadata explaining all the sheets and all variables is available here:

An example data spreadsheet filled out to give some guidance for taking your measurements is available here:

2. Experimental Study

Can be downloaded here

Uploading completed Datasheets

If you have finished a site and are ready to send your data, please email it to Dr Suz Everingham. Make sure the file is labelled with the file name “collaboratorName_SiteID_DateofCollection.xlsx” for example “SusanEveringham_BernSwiss1_14April2021.xlsx” and make sure you indicate whether it is comparative or experimental.

Note that this data will be freely available to all collaborators. We are planning to create a tidy dataset with all global site data collected from all collaborators and this will be an easily accessible, easy-to-use data resource for future studies.